Janet is a highly experienced ESL/EFL teacher who has 20 years of experience teaching ESL in private and public institutions. She has taught a wide range of ages that include toddlers, young children, tweens, teens, young adults and older adults. Her former students have included people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and walks of life in Turkey.

Her additional background includes working with international Turkish-American organizations as well as in journalism with a number of published articles on a variety of topics that pertain to Turkey and the United Nations.

Her speciaities in ESL include motivational work in speech presentation with the use of role play in the classroom as well as writing, storytelling and short story analysis to name a few.

American born, from New York City, Janet has also lived in the Midwest, South and Southwest in the United States and her family background includes Eastern Europe, the Baltic Region and Western Europe as well.

She speaks and understands Turkish, having been self-taught in this unique language. Having studied Spanish for six years, Janet is able to understand Spanish and read it. She also can read and understand French since she studied it for two years. The current languages that Janet is interested in are Albanian and Italian.

Janet has taught English clients from Southeast Asia, Asia, The Middle East, the EU and a number of other nations as well as teaching Turkish students. Her philosophy and training are rooted in the concept of the Communicative Approach, which allows students to experience English realia in a classroom setting, helping them to prepare for their entry into the daily work world. The focus of the Communicative Approach is student-centered and experiential leading to a great level of information retention and confidence building in the ESL classroom.